Carol Halberstadt's notes from 6/16/99 meeting with Larry Foster, CEO of the Navajo Nation


Below are my notes from a meeting I had on June 16, 1999, with Larry Foster, CEO of the Navajo Nation, when I was in Window Rock in June. We met at breakfast
at the Navajo Nation Inn, and talked for almost an hour in his office at 10 o'clock. I just found my notes, and hope they may be helpful to you in your contacts with Pres. Kelsey Begaye and others in the Navajo Nation, and with Sen. John McCain.


Larry Foster told me that "Kelsey has been meeting with people in Hopi
government--Wayne Taylor" [the new Hopi Tribal Chairman].


He also told me that resolutions had been passed by the Navajo Tribal
Council [mentioned also by Kelsey Begaye in the Navajo Times article]
calling for repeal of the 1974 and 1996 laws. He said these resolutions
are public, can be shared with the press, and told me how I could get a
copy of them from the records office, which I did.


Mr. Foster also told me that I could tell Roman Bitsuie and others that
Kelsey Begaye and Larry Foster support the stopping of the livestock
impoundments and support getting help to the Dine' of HPL from the
Department of Agriculture.


Mr. Foster said, "I think those laws [1974 & 1996] should be repealed,
but I don't think they will be--it's hard to do."

Me: "What if the Navajo Tribe came out strongly against them?"

Larry Foster: "We have passed resolutions calling for their repeal."


Finally, Mr. Foster said: "Kelsey will be there with the people on
February 1, 2000."


all the best,