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  • Five Years After the Quincentennial, It,s Time to join us this October in support:
    International Day of Action Against Peabody Coal Co.
    Wednesday, October 8

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    "I was born here. I'm not from anywhere .... We are pushed into a place where we are manipulated, and no place are from the mining blasts, and livestock reduction from the Hopi. This has caused me heart ache. They say we are in the way of progress. Peabody says we have to move because we have to strip mine here. Our mom and dad told me the land here, the sage, the plants makes me remember my mother. The pressure on HPL, now they are telling me the land, the water is contaminated from the mining complex, the air is polluted. It bothers me from the bottom of my feet to the top of my head. We were told to live this life from the bottom of my feet to the top of my head."
    Maxine Kescoli, Testimony given Nov. 3, 1996

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