Reports from Big Mountain

04/21/00 LA TIMES story about Mojave Generating Station and the Slurry line

04/20/00 Livestock Impoundments and How to Help by Carol Halberstadt

04/19/00 Glenna Begays 5 day notice

04/18/00 U- Miners tell tales of Pain in Washington

04/18/00 As further proof that "Attorneys" Lee Philips and Bruce Ellison are totally incompetent and traitors to the Elders, the Manybeads case was dismissed on a technicality.

04/17/00 Navajos fear Uranium mine start ups

04/15/00 Arizona Power plant amonst dirties in Nation

04/15/00 Judge Rejects Contempt Motion in Coal Lawsuit

04/15/00 Article about Marsha Monestersky in Hopi Court

04/15/00 Send a letter to Hillary Clinton

04/15/00 Contact Lehman Brothers, Owners of Peabody

04/03/00 Citizens Coal Council report on OSM director (top mine cop)

04/03/00 Nation's top mine cop wants job with mine industry lobbying group!

04/03/00 Gore letter writing campaign

04/01/00 Peltier support letter for Big Mountain

04/01/00 Los Angeles Event Schedule

03/24/00 Arlene Hamilton's defense falters in Hopi court

03/24/00 Please support this letter to Kevin Grover, BIA

03/24/00 Marsha Monestersky, SDN Consultant has a new email address and a message

03/19/00 Hopi and Navajo Traditional Elders need you to party with us! Saturday, April 8th, at 7 p.m. in Los Angeles

03/19/00 Coal Ash Alert

03/13/00 The new long walk Traditional Navajos stand up to cultural death by Ben Corbett (

03/13/00 McCain responds in Navajo Times.

03/08/00 Rena Babbit Lane recieves letter, demanding payment for grazing her livestock. Other Dineh recieve same letter

03/07/00 Bill Bradley's holdings in Peabody


03/06/00 Timo Schaefer, German human rights observer writes letter to Eugene Kaye of the Hopi Tribal Council

03/05/00 Mother Jones Article

03/04/00 Marsha's report from San Francisco and Manybeads.

03/04/00 McCain rally dazzles everyone except Navajos

03/04/00 Navajo Times, 2/29/2000 Dineh HPL residents call on McCain for accountability, support By WENDY R. YOUNG, Navajo Times Correspondent

03/04/00 Lee Brooke Phillips faxed this summary of the February 22, 2000,
Manybeads hearing.

03/04/00 Hopis join Navajo lawsuit

03/01/00 European Parliment press report

03/01/00 How to email McCain- BMIS

03/01/00 Support the Dineh letter to McCain


03/01/00 excerpts from 1998 annual report of the US Office of Surface Mining, with special reference to Hopi and Navajo coal mines

03/01/00 Stuart Leiderman's report on the Office of Surface Mining Control and Reclamation Act, with particular note of Hopi and Navajo coal mines...

02/29/00 No safe Radiation Levels!

02/29/00 A response to those who think McCain is innocent and that Genocide at Big Mountain is a farce. Links in this list cover European Parliment, UN, etc.etc.etc. This page is vital in it's research for those who are suffering this ridiculous argument.

02/28/00 Norhtern Arizona Indigenous Peoples Defense Fund Risk assessment report by Bill Sebastian

02/28/00 "" here is a link
to a chicago big mtn benefit.

02/28/00 Radiation and the New Lands by Bill Sebastian

02/28/00 Dec 10 UPI story from Boston

02/24/00 Full text of European Parliment Resolution

02/24/00 Proof that coal mining is behind the relocation

02/23/00 Arizona Republic article about Europeans supporting the Dineh

02/23/00 Flastaff Mayor shows support

02/23/00 A poem by Carol Halberstadt about "Hands across the fenceline"

02/23/00 Dear Members and Allies of the Citizens Coal Council: By Carolyn Johnson

02/23/00 Story by C.J. Karamargin, Citizen Staff Writer McCain's office target of pickets Navajo elders gather to speak out against an order to evict them.

02/23/00 More questions for McCain

02/23/00 A report from San Fran by J. Waggoner

02/23/00 SPONSORING GENOCIDE Senator McCain's Final Solution by J. Waggoner

02/23/00 Big Mountain Elders ignored by McCain at Tuscon Press Conference-By Sky Crosby

02/20/00 European Parliment information. EU Parliment adopts Big Mountain Resolution.

02/20/00 letter writing campaign targeting Bruce Babbit, Secretary of the Interior and the
person responsible for oversight of the Bureau of Indian Affairs.

02/17/00 Missouri Support group holds public forum

02/16/00 Energy Secretary Richardson meets with Uranium miners families

02/15/00 Slurryline violation gets slap in the wrist

02/15/00 Gore letter campaign

02/15/00 McCain PRESS RELEASE: Could this happen to your family?

02/15/00 Who runs the Slurry line- By Carol Halberstadt

02/15/00 Global Peace Walk update

02/12/00 The Greed of the White Man The struggle of the Navajo Indians against the USA superpower by Harald Ihmig

02/11/00 McCain Special Interest Groups- By Carol Halberstadt

02/11/00 A letter to President Clinton from Brigitte Adler, Member of the German Bundestag

02/11/00 A message from Leonard Benally, from Crow.

02/10/00 What's Coming Up in 2000? Deadline Countdown and Beyond by Beth Newberry

02/10/00 ISCO sample letter to Assistant Attorney General Eric Holder

02/10/00 ATTENTION MEDIA: Carol Halberstadt corrects responses by McCain

02/09/00 ATTENTION MEDIA: Carol Halberstadt makes more corrections to the Boston Globe story.

02/09/00 Navajo Royalty suit thrown out of court

02/09/00 A Message from John Benally and the People from the Mountain

02/09/00 Leonard Begay's letter to the Editor

02/08/00 White Plains New York Vigil

02/08/00 Support from France

02/08/00 Journalist Suzanne Marcus Fletcher goes off on San Jose News

02/08/00 Uranium Contamination Information

02/08/00 Info from BZ Bonoboy

02/08/00 2 arrested in protest for Navajo Lands- Sky Crosby

02/08/00 RESPONSE to Senators John McCain and Jon Kyl Re: Rule: Re: OFFICIAL CORRESPONDENCE: HON. JOHN MCCAIN

02/08/00 Carol Halberstadt letter to Hopi Tribal Chairman Wayne Taylor

02/08/00 Jeff Davis-Big Mountain Alert/Julia Butterfly Thu, Jan 27, 2000, 6:32 PM


02/08/00 Elderly Navajo Indians Threatened With Starvation "Sovereign Dineh Nation Faces Livestock Impoundments on Black Mesa" by Carol Halberstadt,

02/07/00 Jerry Kramer, Arizona Republic "Conspiracy theories still rage over land"

02/06/00 Big Mountain Prayer Walk Review by Michael Gerrel

02/06/00 Carol Halberstadt and Jon Norstag letters to the Arizona Republic

02/06/00 Presidential letter writing campaign

02/01/00 Boston GLobe and UPI story on McCain

01/18/00 Chris Interpreter, Dineh, speaks out.

01/18/00 St. Louis Group announces benefit concert and prepares for trek to Big Mountain

01/18/00 Marsha Monestersky is granted a postponement on exclusion order hearing

01/18/00 McCain and Nightline

01/14/00 Carol Snyder Halberstadt's response to President Clinton

01/14/00 Global Peace walk heads for Big Mountain

01/14/00 German Article (In English) by Prof Harald Ihmig (FIAN)

01/14/00 Office of Surface Mining Press Release (1/13)

01/14/00 Updated McCain information from Carol Halberstadt (SDN Press Sec)

01/14/00 Senator Udall and Uranium forum

01/14/00 St. Louis Big Mountain concert

01/09/00 An appeal from Bonnie Whitesinger

01/09/00 A youth from Big Mountain speaks


01/06/00 "Mass Evictions not to take place", Navajos are told. By- Jerry Kammer, Arizona Republic

01/05/00 "Returning to the flock Family separated by time, joined by tradition "By Betty Reid -The Arizona Republic

01/04/00 Ruth and Irene Benally write letter of support for Marsha Monestersky

12/30/91 OSM Press Release

12/27/99 ARC in Los Angeles has public forum with John Benally, Tuesday 12/28

12/24/99 ISCO provides petitions and other hard media. Contact ISCO for more info.

12/24/99 Minneapolis Big Mountain group has send off feast for caravan-Jan 7th

12/24/99 Elders thank LA support for semi run and previous work.

12/24/99 Text of exclusion order for Kee Shay and Marsha Monestersky.

12/24/99 Letter of support for Kee Shay. He is being dragged into Hopi court on an exclusion order.

12/24/99 Support letter FOR Marsha Monestersky, Legal consultant to SDN. She is being dragged into Hopi court on an exclusion order.


12/18/99 (Winter 1999) of the Cultural Survival Quarterly. Cultural Survival, based in Cambridge, MA, has taken on Black Mesa as a special issue.

12/9/99 Judge Blasts US Goverment coverup of Native American Funds

12/7/99 International Urgent Action- Harold in Germany

12/7/99 LA benefit concert Dec 10

12/6/99 Response to Hopi Tribal Spokesperson Eugen Kaye

12/5/99 Associated Press- Navajo Nation held in contempt of court

12/4/99 Attorney Charles Miller asks for support


12/4/99 Activists disrupt mining hall of fame awards

12/3/99 Navajo Nation position on uranium mines- High Country News

12/2/99 Dineh relocation discussed at meeting: Kerry Brinkerhoff-Staff Writer

12/1/99 Black Mesa mining video and info available

12/1/99 Arizona Supreme Court rules tribes have extra water protection By Paul Davenport Associated Press Nov. 21, 1999

12/1/99 Tobacco style lawsuit potential against coal companies

12/1/99 Sample letter to Justice department. ISCO

11/29/99 Harrisburg event on December 10th

11/29/99 Senna events to take place in four cities dicemeber 4th

11/25/99 An article on DNA evidence Hopi/ Navajo by BY CHRISTOPHER SMITH THE SALT LAKE TRIBUNE

11/12/99 Mining interest and the Bird report. Who is getting campaign money from the mining corps etc.

11/11/99 ARC in Los Angeles, holds meeting Nov 16th.

11/11/99 From ISCO- Portland Oregon protest.

11/11/99 ARC calls LA meeting, asks for unity.

11/11/99 Senna International Director, Fred Burma recovering from Surgery, needs your prayers.

11/11/99 San Francisco Big Mountain event.

11/10/99 ISCO letter to Dept. of Interior. Great sample letter. Please add your letters to the campaign.

11/10/99 Dec 4 protest by SENNA

11/10/99 Justice and Freedom protest in Olympia

11/8/99 West Virginia Mining practices and relations to Peabody- take action

11/6/99 Save a Sheep Dog project.

11/1/99 Message from ISCO, Nov 1 is take action for Big Mountain day.

10/27/99 Rena Babbitt Lane files testimony asks for help


10/22/99 Dineh vigil in Europe.

10/22/99 Frampton Yazzie passes over.

10/22/99 Klan Diken and the Walking the Beauty Way Tour

10/21/99 WG99 Statement of the Navajo Nation

10/21/99 McCain's visit to Dartmouth

10/14/99 LETTER TO U.S. CONSUL, HAMBURG, GERMANY and supporting document.

10/7/99 ARC press release on the Mojave lawsuit.

10/5/99 Mojave Generating Station lawsuit settled. Big Mountain troubles ignored and the world still consumes coal. Sierre Club sells out clean energy.

9/25/99 McCain announces presidential plans. Important McCain-Big Mountain Information HERE :


9/22/99 Rena Babbitt Lane has 30 animals confiscated.

9/21/99 SDN puts out CALL FOR HELP

8/25/99 Bruce Babbitt, secretary of interior to be honored with award

8/24/99 Pauline Whitesinger speaks out, asks for help

8/22/99 BIA threatens Rena Babbitt Lane

8/19/99 Helena Begay's full text from United Nations Intervention speech

8/13/99 Big Mountain Caravan Diary-Joelle Davis -Sol Communications

8/5/99 Update on Dineh UN Activity prepared by Marsha Monestersky, Consultant to Sovereign Dineh Nation

8/1/99 Ninth circuit court update and an update from Marsha

7/30/99 Black Mesa Support opens office.

7/29/99 9th Circuit Court hearing news: Postponed!

7/26/99 Helena Begay's Oral Intervention in Geneva Switzerland


7/23/99 SOL Caravan

7/21/99 Paul Bloom's Sundance Report

7/15/99 Sundance under SEIGE

7/10/99 Contacts to help Dine hold Sundance

7/9/99 Hopi Traditionalists back Sundance, oppose tribal council

7/8/99 Anna Mae Sundance permit denied by Hopi tribal council

6/29/99 Denver Post article on Big Mountain

6/25/99 FBI recruits seeks to recruit more Native Americans into law enforcement.

6/23/99 The Navajo Nations sues Peabody Coal Company for fraud, Southern California Edison Company is named in the suit.

6/22/99 Conditions of the Winslow tract

6/22/99 Marsha Monestersky receives exclusion order!

6/22/99 John Benally

6/21/99 Message from Carlos

6/19/99 Appeals court refuses Navajo-Hopi suit

6/15/99 Alice Begay will try to buy back her cow at auction

6/13/99 Anna Mae Sundance announcement / dates

6/11/99 VERDICT Magazine article by Marsha Monestersky

6/11/99 APPEAL: Please help Alice and Kee Z. Begay

6/10/99 Indian trust-fund suit goes to court

6/2/99 SDN Publises resolution to support Lakotah Hemp initiative

5/28/99 Navajo Hopi Observer article about Kee Shay's plight by Wendy Young

5/28/99 Part II-Update on Kee Shay's Exclusion Order

5/27/99 Marsha Monestersky forces BIA to return 6 of 7 cows and Kee Shay update

5/26/99 Please act now to support repeal of section 10(f) of Public Law 93-531 and
tell the Representatives you speak with that the whole of Public Law 93-531
must be repealed.

5/21/99 Kee Shay sends certified letter for extension on Exclusion Order

5/20/99 Notice of walk from Cleveland TN to Big Mountain AZ

5/19/99 Exclusion order information and how to fight it.

5/19/99 European itinerary from Human Rights conference and the tour that followed.

5/17/99 Helena's letter to World Council of Churches

5/16/99 Los Angeles Co-alition strategies

5/12/99 notice of Proposed Exclusion Order for Kee Shay

5 /11 99 NEWS RELEASE and TWO INTERVENTIONS-the first includes Leonard Benally and the second Peggy Francis Scott.
United Methodist UN Representative Presents Testimony on
Religious Intolerance and Native People

5/11/99 Nvajo Hopi Observer article about the Dineh in Geneva and the Unite Nations Human Rights Conference

5/5/99 Senator McCains Letter to Janet Reno

4/29/97 Text of 5 day impoundment notice and plea for animal feed.

4/23/99 US Department of the Interior's Hopi Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) Area Agency confiscatePauline Whitesinger's cow and kill her horse

4/20/99 This is the full text of the Dineh intervention on Religious
Intolerance to the 55th Session of the UN Commission on Human Rights

4/14/99, 1999 United Methodist UN Representative Presents Testimony on Religious Intolerance and Native People

4/13/99 Message From Roberta Blackgoat

4/13/99 Livestock Impoundments

4/10/99 URGENT Appeal for hay and feed for Anna and Ella Begay's
corralled animals

4/8/99 AP story on Utah wasting 100 Millions of Navajo claim.

6/29/98 Sovereign Dine Nation Update Including Sample Letter To The United Nations

1/18/98NY Meeting with Dineh Elders, NGOs and UN Representatives

11/97SOL Communication's Humanitarian Relief Trip To BIG MOUNTAIN Thanksgiving 1997

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