From: The Rainforest Foundation
Feb. 24, 2000


Last week we sent out a note regarding the Indigenous March taking place in
Brazil this April. We haven't had much response, so in case it got lost in
transit, I wanted to send out a reminder.

The March will take place on April 13 - 22, with caravans leaving from
various regions of the country, joining in Brasilia for rallies, and then
moving on together to Bahia. The March and activities along the way will
educate the public, build solidarity, and provide a platform for indigenous
demands. It will be a historic and important moment, as indigenous peoples
reclaim their history and present proposals for the future.

Organizers of the March in Brazil, grouped in the 500 Years Committee, are
asking for international support and participation. They are inviting
delegates from NGOs, indigenous organizations, and other social movements,
and hope they will provide an important international dimension. We hope
you will consider participating.

We are also requesting international support for the March, even if someone
from your organization cannot attend. It will cost US$250 to guarantee the
participation of an indigenous representative; we are therefore asking
international organizations to chip in $250 to sponsor a delegate (or
more). International support is greatly needed, as the organizers are
still trying to pull the march together.

Please contact me at the numbers below if you would like any further
information, or if you'd like to participate somehow. Better yet, you can
also contact Roberto Liebgott at CIMI ( or Jose
Severino da Silva at CAPOIB ( - they are both in Brasilia
and directly involved in organizing the events.




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