John Benally:

Greetings to all outside supporters in all four directions (East, South, West and North)
We are coming down to the last final days of our resistance. We would like supporters to put pressure on the agencies that are responsible for our situation.

The Navajo-Hopi Land Commission- Roman Bitsuie
Executive Director of the Navajo Hopi Land Commission
The Navajo Nation
FAX # (520) 871-7297

The Navajo Tribe- Jonathan Hale, Assistant to Kelsey Begaye, President, The Navajo Nation FAX # (520) 871-4025

The Hopi Tribe-Box 123 Kykotsmovi AZ 86039 Phone # 520 734 2441

The Department of Interior- Email Bruce Babbitt, the Head of the Department of the Interior in which the BIA is housed at

The President of the United States- Send an email message to President Clinton at

Congress- If you know your Zip code, You can find them at or you can
search by state at
You can also find your representatives at

The Bureau of Indian Affairs (under the DOI)
Fred Chavez, Bureau of Indian Affairs, Hopi Agency, P O Box 158, Keams Canyon,AZ. 86034
Kevin Gover, Assistant Secretary, Indian Affairs, Bureau of Indian Affairs,
1849 C Street, NW, Washington, DC 20240-0001, Office: 202-208-3711, Fax:
For a complete BIA phone book, visit


Please pressure the Appropriations Committee on Indian Affairs in Washington DC. This is made up of different congressman.

Also pressure John McCain who sponsored the Accommodation Agreement (PL1973, 104-301). U.S. Senator John McCain
241 Russell Senate Office Building
Washington, D.C. 20510
Phone number (202)224-2235
Fax number (202)228-2862
Jill Peters, in the Washington office, handles Black Mesa issues.

The secretary of the Interior, Bruce Babbitt HAS NOT YET SIGNED OFF ON THIS!
President Clinton can reverse PL 93-531, the relocation act.

We need all the help we can to support and witness on the land at this time. Come prepared with sleeping bag, your own diet and video cameras and other documenting equipment. Feel free to come to my place and I will help you get situated into a home site where you are needed. You will find a map to my place at:


We always need help with our shepherding and other household chores. Everyone is welcome, no one will be turned away. Come in a humble way. No guns, no drugs and no alcohol. Sundancers we need your help now…in a humble way.

The focus here needs to be on the issue that will resolve our situation of relocation…not rumors or gossip that pops up. Any questions ask me! Come in with high spirit. If so-called authority tries to turn you away, don't let them…you are a guest of my people. Here we are forgotten people, the US government and even our own tribal council. Help with financial resources if you can. Good vehicles and gas are urgently needed. Gas up just before you enter our land.

A certain number of my people have already received notice of eviction and they are the ones that you will be helping first. These are mostly elderly!

Please get more information from
Or call Sharon Lungo at the ARC house in Los Angeles (310) 396-3254 for west coast or any assistance.

We would all love to see you in the year 2000. A lot of indigenous people across the world still do not have their human rights recognized. We are standing not only for ourselves but also for these, our brothers and sisters across the Americas (north, central and south). Support the REAL AMERICANS!

Peace and Unity,

John Benally