Land Operations Page: February 2000

This page has been created with the approval of John Benally.

What to Bring

SDN Area Map- This is the most comprehensive map in the history of the struggle. It takes time to download and put together but if you have ever been to Big Mountain you will toast this map. A must if you are going to the Mesa. Map by John Benally.

Other Maps

Radio Frequencies

Where to go: A letter from John Benally and get a five day forecast before you make the trip.


It is also important that information and documents be shared amongst supporters. Try these:

The Big Mountain One Sheet- A one page overview

Myths and Facts Facts, Myths and important words from the resistors.

Black Mesa Timeline by Bill Sebastian.

"POWER PLAY" The NEW TIMES story by Victor Mejia

The Black Mesa Syndrome: Indian Lands, Black Gold by Judith Nies

Resources #1. This is a page with information that includes WHAT YOU CAN DO.

Resources #3 Carol Halberstadt's contact page.

The Wish List- What to bring and what to ask others to donate

Now call SEE at 310 456 3534 and order "Vanishing Prayer", a 18 minute mini-documentary. This may be the most powerful introduction to Big Mountain.