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The Black Mesa Syndrome: Indian Lands, Black Gold by Judith Nies

Dark Days on Black Mesa part 1

Dark Days on Black Mesa part 2

A People Betrayed part 1

A People Betrayed part 2

"POWER PLAY" The NEW TIMES story by Victor Mejia



Black Mesa Timeline by Bill Sebastian.

Myths and Facts Facts, Myths and important words from the resistors.

An overview of McCain's involvement- by Bill Sebastian

The Bird report. Mining monies and campaign contributions.


The Accomodation Agreement (PL104-301) and a brief introduction. Here is a PDF version exactly as it looks.

Animal Report By Julia Orr, Animal Welfare director of SOL Communications, August 1999.

Amor’s report on religious intolerance in the United States.

The Boyden Letters 1 2 3 4 5 6 7

Health and Relocation Effectsby Peabody Coal Company

Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act 25- Public Law 101-601

Roberta Blackgoat's Eviction Notice



Health and Relocation Effectsby Peabody Coal Company

Peabody Coal Company destroys a Kiva containing28 ancient Anasazi burial remains

The story of Anna and Ella Begay- Cattle rustling by the BIA, disregard for the US Constitution, Civil Rights, Human Rights and police harrassment and brutality.


Legal Analysis

Verdict Magazine article written by Marsha Monestersky. Want a look at the legal side?

ANALYSIS OF DINEH CASE AND NEEDS by Gabor Rona, Senior Staff Attorney for the Center for Consitutional Rights



Bureau of Indian Affairs

Bureau of Indian Affairs- Press Releases

Congressional and Legislative Affairs Sites

Department of the Interior

National Archeology Database

Senate List Senate List, phone and e-mail.



Coal and Hopi Mining map- This will show you where the coal is and how big the Hopi Tribal council's plans are

General map of the Navajo nation in relation to the four corners.

The Hopi Tribal council mining and mineral resources map- How big the problem is.

Power Plants of the four corners region. The pollution from these plants is one of two points pollution THAT CAN BE SEEN FROM SPACE.



International Peoples Tribunal

NGO press releases and resolutions -check out these NGO statements and resolutions. Translations in Russian, Spanish, French, German and others.

Sovereign Dineh Nation (SDN) Resolutions written primarily by SDN consultant Marsha Monestersky She is a founding member of the International Peoples Tribunal on Human Rights and the Environment and Co-Chair of the Non Governmental Organization (NGO) Human Rights Caucus at the United Nations Commission on Sustainable Development.

Women's Environment Development Organization (WEDO)Day of Women,during UN-CSD,  April 28, 1998, United Nations, New York



Here are dozens of Testimonies, the originals available for claims, cases etc.

Health and Relocation Effects by Peabody Coal Company

Dineh Testimony Part of the testimony that was presented in written form to Mr. Amor of the United Nations Commission on Human Rights