Big Mountain Television Public Service Announcements Available.


There are now 6 more broadcast quality television Public Service
Announcements (PSAs) available for Big Mountain.
>2- 30 sec
>2-20 sec
>2-10 sec
>They are already scheduled to be aired in the Los Angeles area on the
major networks.
>I would like to thank Vic Phelps, media director of SOL for his leadership
and determination for getting these done. Also I would like to thank the
donor for the 2,000.00 plus dollars it took. Vic directed the PSAs with
Jason and Fritz of the POSTMEN (818) 509 1313 as editors/music. The Postmen
were also the backbone of Vanishing Prayer.
>These PSAs can be aired by calling your local station or network and
asking for their public affairs office and getting:
>1-The requirments for airing PSAs
>2-The application
>After that you will need to contact me at for the
application information required of the non-profit behind the PSAs (SOL)
>Then you will need to contact Vic about the transfers neccessary to get
the PSA in the correct format for the station involved. EACH STATION HAS A
DIFFERENET STANDARD (unfortunately for us). Vic is at 310 8370155
>Vic will manage the transfer and mail the copy and I will manage the
application and mail that copy.
>SOL cannot absorb the cost of these transfers. Each group will have to
assume the responsibility of the monies required to air in their area. We
are not talking big bucks, probably under 100 dollars. No monies will be
retained by SOL in this process. A copy of the receipt(s) will accompany
your video copy.
>Vic has asked that people send in mailing and copy funds for Vanishing
Prayer and I let him know that only about 5% of the requests come with
funds. So far Vanishing Prayer, duping, mailing etc (including the editing)
is around 10,000 dollars. The monies brought in isnt even worth mentioning.
What is worth mentioning is the awareness raised by the piece. But I can
assure you we cannot absorb the costs of the new PSAs going out. EVERYONE
will have to share that expense.
>So this is what is available right now through SOL:
>Vanishing Prayer -18 minutes
>2-30 sec TV PSAs
>2-20 sec TV PSAs
>2-10 sec TV PSAs
>2-30 sec RADIO PSAs