Video and Audio Tapes Now Available

Produced by SOL Communications


Vanishing Prayer- A 16 minute mini-documentary summarizing the political history of the Dineh and their current crisis of relocation. This is a must for those wishing to inform. Whether for crowd viewing or cable access, press kits, benefits or one on one presentations, this is a must video.

1 Minute PSA- One minute of INTENSE dialouge and INTENSE pictures. Ends with 1 888 41PRAYER.

The Amor Visit- An EP video of several hours. UNEDITED raw footage of Mr. Amor's visit and the testimony that he recieved. Included: Peabody Airstrip when Amor lands. Glenna Begay's homesite where Mr. Amor met with the Grandmothers. Very rare footage. Until April 99, this footage was censored because it "should" have been considered evidence in his report. Decide for yourself if his report reflects the testimony.

Grandmothers and the Bomb- 28:30 broadcast length. An incredible group of women discuss the nuclear age. This is a world's look at American policy. Shot at the Nevada test site during the Shundahai Spring gathering of 1998. Contains "About Love", a music video by Mauro. This video is building up underground speed. A must for everyone.



2- 30 second radio spots about Big Mountain. Perfect for radio stations with integrity. Irene Bedard narrates these intense aural dramas. The tapes end with 1-888-41PRAYER.


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