The U'wa believe that "oil is the blood of mother earth, it is sacred. And what is sacred we don't sell or negotiate." Occidental's proposed operations threaten to violate the physical and spiritual worlds of the U'wa by bringing not only oil development, but roads, more colonists, and war into the U'wa territory.

The recent death threat to Mr. Cobaría (see Latest Update) provides a chilling parallel between the U'wa struggle and the continued repression of the Ogoni in Nigeria, where some 2,000 indigenous people, including Ogoni leader Ken Saro-Wiwa, were killed for organizing against Shell. Usually by the time the internationally community becomes mobilized in opposition to a case like this the indigenous people involved are already dead or dying. However, the U'wa case is one of prevention, where the exploitation of indigenous peoples and destruction of the rainforest can be stopped before it starts.

Your tax deductible donation to the U'wa Defense Project will contribute to this very rare opportunity to to assist an indigenous community- culture still intact- in the preservation of their peaceful way of life. With very few resources and almost no money, the U'wa are courageously fighting against the massive wealth and power of the Colombian Government, Occidental Petroleum, and the Royal Dutch/Shell Group of Companies.

We would greatly appreciate any support that you can offer. Checks can be made payable to SEE c/o U'wa [Social Environmental Entrepreneurs c/o The U'wa Defense Project]. SEE/U'wa is a registered 501c3 public non-profit account at Earth Trust. 20110 Rockport Way, Malibu, California, 90265.

"To the Riowa (whites) who have accompanied us, and to all those who are conscious that in order to live in peace it is necessary to both respect the rights of all and to act in harmony with Mother Earth, we ask your help so that we, the U'wa, can continue to maintain the equilibrium of the world."

Roberto Cobaria - President of the Traditional U'wa Authority


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