Dr. Ray I. Irani, Chairman

Occidental Petroleum Corporation

10889 Wilshire Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90024

fax (310) 443-6690


Dear Dr. Ray I. Irani:


It has come to my attention that Occidental Petroleum is still planning to drill for oil on the traditional territory of the U'wa in Colombia, despite a threat of mass suicide from the tribe and the imminent escalation of guerrilla and military violence associated with foreign oil development in Colombia. By moving forward with operations in the area, Occidental will be breaking its own promise, "to uphold the human, cultural and legal rights of our neighbors directly impacted by Occidental's operations, and to support their efforts to maintain the integrity of their customs, values and traditions."


I am deeply concerned that Occidental is not considering the social, cultural, and economic impacts of oil development on the communities surrounding the Samure block. According to the prevailing environmental, indigenous and human rights NGO's in Colombia oil exploitation in the Samore block would have disasterous consequences for the U'wa regardless of Occidentals compliance with environmental regulations. I would appreciate your prompt reply.




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