Today there is a forced relocation going on. Right now the Elders and families of the Sovereign Dineh Nation (SDN) are under an attack funded by your tax dollars.

Stop an American Genocide

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This is a library maintained by members of the SDN, Northern Arizona Indigenous Peoples Defense Fund (NAIPDF), Action Resource Center, United Spirits and SOL Communications. This is a library that CAN BE USED by all support groups. Feel free to send us your htmls, gifs, jpegs and text. The Grandmothers would Thank You.

Up to the minute reports from Big Mountain


04/18/00 As further proof that "Attorneys" Lee Philips and Bruce Ellison are totally incompetent and traitors to the Elders, the Manybeads case was dismissed on a technicality.

PROOF the Hopi Tribal Council intends to mine coal from Big Mountain

03/24/00 Marsha Monestersky, SDN Consultant has a new email address and a message

03/07/00 Bill Bradley's holdings in Peabody

Mother Jones Article

02/28/00 Norhtern Arizona Indigenous Peoples Defense Fund Risk assessment report by Bill Sebastian

02/28/00 Radiation and the New Lands by Bill Sebastian

Check out this site on McCain!

Hopi and Dineh gather together, ceremony and cut fence on February 1st deadline

Overture 00-44 to the 212th General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church
(USA) Presented by William P. VanBuskirk: Specific- Dineh on Black Mesa

McCain schedule / breakdown of McCain's involvement in the
Dineh relocation / questions to ask him EVERYWHERE HE GOES! from

To order Vanishing Prayer, an 18 minute mini-documentary on the struggle at Big Mountain

McCain's response to student


02/07/00 Jerry Kramer, Arizona Republic "Conspiracy theories still rage over land"

OFF SITE: From Robert Dorman- New info on McCain ( is linked to from
my updated Dark Side page at

Big Mountain Television Public Service Announcements Available.

01/18/00 Marsha Monestersky is granted a postponement on exclusion order hearing

01/14/00 Global Peace walk heads for Big Mountain

SDN support letters for SOL. Page1 and Page 2

01/09/00 An appeal from Bonnie Whitesinger

Marsha Monestersky support page


SDN Area Map- This is the most comprehensive map in the history of the struggle. It takes time to download and put together but if you have ever been to Big Mountain you will toast this map. A must if you are going to the Mesa. Map by John Benally.

Compressed version of SDN area map (about 5 1/2 Mg) 26 files zipped in a .exe file This quality should be adequate for most uses

February 2000- A letter From John Benally

Land Operations: February 2000

Cultural Survival Article with Glenna Begay

Letter writing dos and donts by ISCO


11/25/99 An article on DNA evidence Hopi/ Navajo by BY CHRISTOPHER SMITH THE SALT LAKE TRIBUNE


Elders request to AIM, as of yet un responded to.Page 2.

Online Law Library

What You Can Do

Please go through each of the following links and documents to begin your active participation to stop the relocation.

Press Kit-A must for activists

Organization Sign On- Join the Coalition to Save Big Mountain

Dineh Testimony Part of the testimony that was presented in written form to Mr. Amor of the United Nations Commission on Human Rights

Peabody Coal Company destroys a Kiva containing28 ancient Anasazi burial remains

Myths and Facts Facts, Myths and important words from the resistors.

The Accomodation Agreement (PL104-301) and a brief introduction. Here is a PDF version exactly as it looks.

Verdict Magazine article written by Marsha Monestersky. Want a look at the legal side?

ANALYSIS OF DINEH CASE AND NEEDS by Gabor Rona, Senior Staff Attorney for the Center for Consitutional Rights

"POWER PLAY" The NEW TIMES story by Victor Mejia

The story of Anna and Ella Begay- Cattle rustling by the BIA, disregard for the US Constitution, Civil Rights, Human Rights and police harrassment and brutality.

Senator John McCain is running for President of the United States. He is a party to authoring, lobbying and expediting ethnic cleansing and GENOCIDE. Here is a letter he wrote. The actual gif file is hard to read. Here is a text version.Vic Phelps, Media Director for SOL Communications wrote this letter to McCain and as yet there has been no response.McCain admittedly gets his information from Janet Reno. We have suggested to Mr. McCain that he get his information from the NGOs on the ground, the ones that are on the Mountain, not Washington where Reno has already proven her catastropic information sources ie: WACO.

An overview of McCain's involvement- by Bill Sebastian

More actions you can take- informative ideas taken from an e-mail from Walter Ebb


Resources #1. This is a page with information that includes WHAT YOU CAN DO. This page was created by Jackie Giuliano PHD.

Resources #2. EPA information, including web addresses. This is a WHAT YOU CAN DO page.

Resources #3 Carol Halberstadt's excellent contact page. Across the board information, wrttien by Ari Halberstadt. Carol is the SDN Press contact.She also sells weavings made by residents of Black Mesa, of which all profits are donated to the SDN.

Resources #4 Livestock related contacts. Put pressure on those that are impounding, counting and harassing the Elder's animals. Compiled by Suzanne Fletcher.

Resources #5 Senate List, phone and e-mail.

Resources #6 Congressional E-mail List- compiled by Norman Benally

Media Letter by Jackie Alan Giuliano, Ph.D., Professor of Environmental Studies.

Video and Audio Tapes for activism. Includes Big Mountain and Nuclear concerns. Packed full of entertainment.

Download "Amerika" an MP3 audio file (song) about Big Mountain.

Power Plants of the four corners region. The pollution from these plants is one of two points pollution THAT CAN BE SEEN FROM SPACE.

Roberta Blackgoat's Eviction Notice

The Boyden Letters 1 2 3 4 5 6 7

Bennett Freeze Notice

The Wish List- What to bring and what to ask others to donate



Alvin Clinton Passes Over Dine' Medicine Man Passes Over

Frampton Yazzie passes over.

Jenny Manybeads (115) and Emmett Tso pass over

Related Documentation


Sovereign Dineh Nation (SDN) Resolutions written primarily by SDN consultant Marsha Monestersky. She is a founding member of the International Peoples Tribunal on Human Rights and the Environment and Co-Chair of the Non Governmental Organization (NGO) Human Rights Caucus at the United Nations Commission on Sustainable Development.

Health and Relocation Effectsby Peabody Coal Company

11/25/99 An article on DNA evidence Hopi/ Navajo by BY CHRISTOPHER SMITH THE SALT LAKE TRIBUNE

NGO press releases and resolutions -check out these NGO statements and resolutions. Translations in Russian, Spanish, French, German and others.

Amor’s report on religious intolerance in the United States.

World Watch Report on Coal

United Nations Hears Testimony at Big Mountain On February 2nd, 1998, the United Nations sends a representative to Big Mountain.

Petition for Executive Order to Stop the Relocation (ISCO)

International Peoples Tribunal

AIM Article written by Jenafer Raintree (Waggoner) of SOL Communications for the AIM international newsletter.

Sovereign Dineh Nation The official SDN web pages

Women's Environment Development Organization (WEDO)Day of Women,during UN-CSD,  April 28, 1998, United Nations, New York

Report on the state of the Animals in the Big Mountain resistance area. Livestock death photographs.

A Message from Roberta Blackgoat

SOL Communications report on the Dineh-8/97

Los Angeles Coalition to Save Big Mountain

Big Mountain One Sheet- A one page overview

Carol Halberstadt's notes with Larry Foster Meeting 6/16/99

Diary of a Caravan (Food / Supply Run from Los Angeles). This run is from March 1999.


BIA Cattle Rustlers in America

Livestock death photographs.


Mining Operations, 1st shift. CHECK OUT THE EPA VIOLATIONS

Explosive near a bus stop in the Kayenta Mine

Photos from Big Mountain


Anna and Ella Begay, their corrals and Joan Yellowhair's bunker

Rena Babbitt Lane and her broken hand after being beaten by BIA

Alice Begay at Winslow Tract impound yard trying to retrieve dying livestock

Homesite in Mosquito Springs that was destroyed by the BIA

MATRIARCHS who attended the UN summit

Some of the Dineh men who attended the UN summit


So you want to go to Big Mountain?

Supporter Page

Maps -Download and Print these vital maps for you caravans and expeditions to Black Mesa

Radio Frequencies at Big Mountain Keeping track of who is keeping track of you!

Glenna Begay's Supporter handbook

Diary of a Caravan (Food / Supply Run from Los Angeles). This run is from March 1999. and get a five day forecast before you make the trip. This is a must for SOL Communications caravans as many times we have slipped through some real rough stuff by knowing where it is.

Support Groups

ARC Action Resource Center- This team is heading up the campaign to bring awareness to Southern California Edison, DWP and the People of LA about the EPA violations, Human Rights violations etc that are woven into LA's power supply.

Arc members Kim Mizrahi (left) and Sharon Lungo, the thrust of the LA power campaign.

SENAA Vanishing Prayer mini-documentary is webcasting off this site!

ISCO-Indigenous Support Coalition of Oregon
PO Box 11715 Eugene, OR 97440 (541) 683-2789

Big Mountain support group in Japan.

Related Links -Do you want to own authentic Dineh weavings? Visit Carol's site. She is a reputible good friend of the Big Mountain Grandmothers.

The Southern California Edison/ Department of Water and Power campaign is being waged by ARC (Action Resource Center), contact Sharon 310 3963254 Welcome To Diné Bi Keyah & Diné CARE

Dorman Communication Join the Big Mountain List and Visit Robert Dorman's Big Mountain Web Page Big Mountain Web Resources Here is a hotlink to Jimmy Twyman's Prayers for Peace Judy Guggenheim Visit Jackie's website on teaching, activism and an archive of over 100 of his articles outstanding article called "The Black Mesa Syndrome." Healing Our World article of the forced relocation of the Dineh people so that mineral resources may be pillaged Listen to Indian Radio on the Internet 24 hours a day. - Read the EPA description of the churchrock spill. Adobe must be installed.

Weather on Black Mesa is extreme. Flashfloods are a norm and temperatures and winds can be biting. Go to and get a five day forecast before you make the trip. This is a must for SOL Communications caravans as many times we have slipped through some real rough stuff by knowing where it is.